Hi! My name is Audra Young, and I’m a student at the University of Mary Washington. On this blog, I write about and reflect on my experiences in my Digital Storytelling course.

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I’m taking this course in the spring 2021 semester. As of right now (January 29, 2021), I don’t have a major. However, that’s going to change soon, and I’m planning on declaring this spring—I’m going to be a Communication & Digital Studies major.

Enough with the academics, though. How about some basic info?

I’m an extrovert (technically an ambivert, but just sliiiiightly on the extrovert side of the spectrum). My favorite animal is a cat. (Doesn’t mean I don’t like dogs, though. I have two cats and a dog, and I love all of them.) My favorite color is primarily pink, and I also like purple, blue, and green. I’m 20 years old—my birthday was a couple weeks ago 🙂 I love reading, writing, listening to music, playing drums, working on creative projects, watching YouTube videos or the occasional show on Netflix or Amazon Prime, hanging out with friends and family, reading the Bible, and being outside. Also, I live in Maryland.

As for my activities on campus, I’m in New Life College Fellowship (one of the bible studies on/near campus), I play in the Eagle Pipe Band (I’m a snare drummer), and I work at the Digital Knowledge Center (DKC). I’m also in the Canine Companions for Independence club, and I’m really hoping to train a puppy sometime before I graduate.

That’s enough about me for one webpage. Hope you enjoy checking out my blog! Have a fantastic day 😀