Daily Creates

Daily Creates of Week 10

What’s up! Here’s my Daily Creates of Week 10.

This week’s Daily Creates were fun! I don’t think there were any of them I liked more than the others.

Here’s a bit of quick commentary on each one:

1st Create – These are a few of the things I daydream about: sunlit forests (and fields), Lord of the Rings, and cool words. I also daydream about Doctor Who, about things I’m creating, about stuff I’m looking forward to, about problems I’m trying to solve…my mind is always working on something.

2nd Create – The word generator delighted me. I’ve enjoyed making up new words before—one example is “ploff,” which is a blanket made entirely out of animal hair or fur (especially non-traditional, like dogs).

3rd Create – At first, I’d thought about doing a graphic that looked like the “bingo” example. However, when I started my graphic in Canva, I realized that a flow chart of bubbles was more what I had in mind. So, I designed it accordingly, and it looks pretty nice to me! 🙂

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