Daily Creates

Daily Creates of Week 7

Hi there! Here’s my Daily Creates for Week 7. I’m amazed we’re already halfway through the semester!

This week, I only ended up doing two Daily Creates…I had been planning on doing three, but I forgot a day (yikes!).

Creation Processes

Daily Create 1 – I’m so glad that Google Photos has a search option that will search for just about any and all keywords you put in, like “ceiling”. Although it may not be the most accurate, it can be very useful, and it proved itself when I needed a picture of a ceiling. There were a fair amount of other photos that were mostly walls, but then I found this one and knew that it was a great fit for that day’s Daily Create.

Daily Create 2 – This one was really fun. As I said in my tweet, I immediately thought of the abandoned potato sorting station in Ukraine I saw in an Instagram post. This was the post in question:

Instagram post about the station

It fascinated me, so when I saw the picture of the example “future house”, the potato sorting station came to mind right away.

I admit, it wasn’t drawn, but I looked through a few of the other submissions and some seemed made digitally as well. I think the main point of Daily Creates is to be creative, so in this case, I didn’t feel too uncomfortable “drawing outside the lines” so to speak.

Either way, my creation was quick and enjoyable to make!

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