Daily Creates

Week 8 Daily Creates

Heya! Here’s my Daily Creates for Week 8.

Of these two, my favorite was the first one! It was fun and relaxing to “drive” through a beautiful place while listening to a radio. It reminded me of the times this summer that I would go for drives by myself near my house while listening to music, in order to create some sense of normalcy during the pandemic. I recognized the name “Lauterbrunnen”, and figured out that I had saved some photos in Google of that place a while ago because it was so beautiful. When Taylor Swift came on the radio, I almost laughed because I so didn’t expect to hear any pop songs. “Wait For You” and “Letter to You” were low-key, melodic tunes, and they matched the atmosphere of the drive in some ways. The scenery reminded me of Yosemite National Park (CA), Deep Creek Lake (MD), and Skaneateles + Otisco Lake (NY) all in one, and I loved it.

The second Daily Create was…interesting. I knew it would be weird, and perhaps I should have picked a poem that I liked less so that I didn’t have to see it with all mashed up. I did find it somewhat amusing, though, and I was reminded of how word choice really does matter, especially in the world of literature and poetry.

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