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30 seconds of… (Part 3): Rock music

Last but not least in this 3-part series “30 seconds of…” is my rock music mashup!

To read about how I decided on this assignment and the mashups I’d do, as well as how I made the mashups, check out Part 1: Christian contemporary music.

However, I’ll include the instructions below.

“This is some sort of variation on Katy Chase’s The Contest That Nobody Could Win assignment, but instead of clips from a TV show or movie, do clips from your favorite songs and see if anyone can guess what they are. Or at least the artist. Do two or three second clips using 4 or 5 songs. Make them all different. Use SoundCloud to post!”

“10 second song mashup”, 3.5 stars

My modifications:

  • Make the mashup about 30 seconds long
  • Do it by topic or genre
  • Don’t use SoundCloud
  • Not enforcing the “can anyone guess” thing

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the rock music mashup:

30 seconds of rock music

When I was thinking about different rock songs to pick, I was a little overwhelmed. Did I want to do purely classic rock? Did I want to do all well-known songs, or more obscure tunes? I finally settled on this bunch, and once I had decided on Living On A Prayer and Short Skirt / Long Jacket, I recognized that those were two songs my family had made into inside jokes of sorts. So, naturally, I decided that the other songs had to fit that criteria as well.

At first glance—or first listen?—Living On A Prayer by Bon Jovi, Short Skirt / Long Jacket by Cake, Juke Box Hero by Foreigner, and The Spirit of Radio by Rush don’t seem have a lot in common (although I would beg to differ with Living On A Prayer and Juke Box Hero). However, for reasons I don’t know how to describe in words, these songs have become inside jokes in my family. They just…have. We’ll dramatically sing the tales of Living On A Prayer and Juke Box Hero, screech “SALESMEN!” along with Geddy Lee of Rush, and switch from the cool tones of “I want a girl who gets up early” to the loud “GETS—UP—EARLY!” of Short Skirt / Long Jacket. I think we simply found the songs enjoyable and had them in our heads often enough at certain times that we simply embraced them and laughed over them.

Thus concludes my series of “30 seconds of…” assignments. It was really fun to pick out all the songs and edit them together! I enjoyed putting together 3 different mashups of different genres.

If you haven’t heard the other two mashups, check out 30 seconds of… (Part 1): Christian contemporary music and 30 seconds of… (Part 2): Christian rock music.

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