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Dank Memez Outlet

As I scrolled through the Design Assignments in the ds106 Assignment Bank, an image caught my eye:

At first glance, I thought it said “Memelets”, not Mermlet’s. My misreading paired with the title of the assignment (“Create a Logo that is simple but detailed”) inspired my idea for a fictional company that created memes and sold clothing and other items with popular memes on them.

These were the specific instructions from the assignment:

“As designers are [shifting] towards the KISS – Keep It Simple & Stupid formula and creating Logos that are super simple and easy to understand, I want [to challenge you to create a] Logo that is simple yet detailed. I know it is hard to achieve but not impossible. You can use logo generator tools like or

Some instructions:

  1. It should be [a] minimalist Logo
  2. Colors should be material as Google/Android (honestly not sure what this means, but it was in the instructions!)
  3. Font should be bold 
  4. Try to put some details within the starting line. 

I hope that you’ll be able to do it. If you want any reference on how to make it, try to follow these instructions: “

As I stated above, I misread the name “Mermlet’s” at first as “Memelets”, which inspired the name “Dank Memez Outlet”.

Dank Memez Outlet Logo Design – in gif form!

The name might be somewhat juvenile, I admit, but once I had it in mind, it stuck.

My first step in creating the logo was to visit the logo generator websites in the instructions. However, neither of them proved very satisfactory, and so I turned to one of my favorite resources for graphic design and creations: Canva.

Canva has quite a few logo templates, and some of those options were animated. I considered the appeal; if this was a company that was marketing online, then an animation could draw someone’s attention. The company name or the tagline could easily be printed with the animation as a still image.

As I scrolled through Canva’s animated logo templates, I thought a lot about the font and type of animation. I didn’t want anything like the example logo in the instructions, because the font was curvy and fluid. That didn’t fit with my idea of “Dank Memez Outlet”. I wanted something more like this:

That style is something I’ve seen in several memes, and it’s instantly recognizable. To me, it reflects Gen Z’s internet culture, which is prominent in the distribution of memes. The design is colorful, it has a lot of sharp edges, and it looks very digitized.

With those characteristics in mind, I quickly discarded many of the options. Some of them were too business-oriented, some were too black-and-white, and some were too flowery or soft. Then I found a design that had a dark background, a brightly colored and sharp-edged font, and a simple animation. There were a couple other designs I considered, but this one best fit my idea of what my logo should look like.

The lines “Need the perfect meme for the perfect situation? We got you, fam” came to me as I gazed at the simple text “Dank Memez Outlet” I had typed out in the design. I had already felt the need to add something else on that would give the viewer more of an idea of what Dank Memez Outlet was. For that tagline, I checked out Canva’s array of sample text boxes to find a font that would go well with my existing font. I picked Bungee, and I ensured that the colors of the text would look good next to each other.

One of the interesting things to me is that most of this process was intuitive and subconscious. I created this design before I went through the readings and videos for this week, and looking back, I was unknowingly employing some of the techniques discussed in the readings and videos. I didn’t go through a specific thought process of “what kind of font do I want?”, “what kind of colors do I want?”, etc.; I simply looked through the fonts and templates and selected the one I used by considering the feeling (or, if you will, the vibe) of the design. It was snappy and in-your-face. It wasn’t light or limp.

This is a more creation-centric post, in my opinion; it’s not quite as much about my story. (One could make the argument that it is about my story in that my creation had to come from my ideas and thoughts, which would flow from my experiences. My experience as Gen Z student and young adult informs my creative processes.) Regardless, considering my design after reading and watching the assigned material for this week gave me a new perspective on my own work, and I think it will impact how I approach design going forward. That’s very exciting to me 🙂

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Cool twist on this to make it in gif form! Anything that moves or loops is so much more interesting to look at, but harder to make. Nice logo!

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