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Dylan Elise Reaction

Earlier this week, as I was looking through the ds106 video assignments, the assignment “DS106ers React!” caught my eye.

I’ve watched plenty of reaction videos before (usually reactions to music videos or music in general). They’re very entertaining, especially when it’s music I love. Because of this, I decided to do my own reaction video.

These were the instructions for the assignment:

So reaction videos seem to be all the rage these days. Just go on YouTube, search reaction videos and hundreds of results will show up. Now it’s your turn to add to the growing list. Find or have a friend send you a video you’ve never seen before and film your reaction! It’s not necessary to have the video you watched layered into your reaction video, but do at least link the video you watched.

3 stars

I get a lot of great music recommendations from my dad, and I’ve found a large number of songs I like through him, so I figured I’d ask him first. He sent me this video of street drummer Dylan Elise (Elise pronounced “ill-EE-say” to react to.

Without any further ado, let’s get to the video!

The most difficult part of this was recording myself at the very beginning to introduce the video (which was not surprising to me—recording takes longer than I think it does 99% of the time!).

I really enjoyed the video. As I watched myself watching the video, I realized that I could’ve expressed more excitement about it, because I was in awe of how amazing Dylan’s playing was. Although I’ve filmed myself a fair amount by this point, either for school or otherwise, I’m still pretty self-conscious about how I come across on camera. I have no idea if it comes across that way or not, but even if I seem confident, I think the self-consciousness does affect how I act.

For the introduction, I filmed myself with my phone. Then, for the reaction itself, I used Screencast-O-Matic for my screen recording and my computer webcam for the recording of myself. Screencast-O-Matic can sometimes be a little glitchy with recording (the audio and video may be out of sync, or the video may be skipping a little, etc.). I’m not happy about that, but I’m very familiar with that screen recording software, so it’s what I used.

Then, I used Premiere Pro to put the two clips together, add some transitions, and put some end credits. That took less time than I was expecting…in total, the editing time might’ve been 20 minutes? I think it was less than that, but I can’t be sure.

Either way, it was fun to make a reaction video for the first time! Shoutout to my dad for sending me the video. 🙂

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