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Every Hour Vlog: Wednesday, March 31

I’ve always thought about vlogging (video blogging). However, I don’t have anything too exciting to vlog about. My life isn’t very unusual.

When I saw that we’d have video assignments for ds106, I thought that perhaps I could do one of the vlog-style ones from the assignment bank. I remembered how one of my favorite YouTubers, Jordan Taylor, created a few “Every Hour Vlogs” a while back, and I decided I wanted to try that.

As I scrolled through the options in the video assignment bank, I didn’t really see any that fit my idea of an Every Hour Vlog. So, I decided to make my own assignment and add it to the ds106 bank. These are the instructions I included:

For one day, take a short video during every hour you’re awake, and then string the clips together to create a montage. The goal is to make a complete video that gives the person watching a full picture of your day. Experiment with video production and be creative! Try out different transitions, visuals, etc.

The assignment is based off of Jordan Taylor’s videos—check them out if you need some inspiration! (Note: in each Every Hour Vlog, Jordan filmed every hour on the hour. You don’t need to be quite as strict as that, but make sure you get at least one clip every hour.)

4 stars

Looking back, I think I should’ve given the assignment 5 stars—it took quite a while to edit this video! The finished product was very satisfactory, though. Watch my Every Hour Vlog below!

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