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Glo-Ink: New Technology for Books Everywhere

This week I created a radio commercial for our radio show!

When you are driving in the car and a radio commercial comes on you might start to tune the radio out. But, if you were the person selling what the commercial was offering would you want people tuning it out or listening intently? Well, I would want people paying attention to my commercial! So, for this audio assignment pick a product or business you would like to promote and sell! Use a audio recording software such as soundcloud to record your commercial. Add in background music, edits, and provide full information of the business/product/services you are advertising. Try to create a radio commercial that grabs and maintains the audiences’ attention. On the side, write why you chose the object or business you are promoting and the process you used to create your commercial.

Here’s the commercial!

And here’s the script I wrote for it:

“Tired of having to change batteries out of your flashlight due to late-night reading? With the all new Glo-Ink technology, running out of flashlight batteries for reading is a thing of the past!

Designed specially for late-night readers, this glow-in-the-dark ink allows you to read in low-light or even pitch black settings. When reading in the daylight or in a bright environment, the ink will appear to be normal. However, when night falls, the ink will transform, and as soon as you open your book, the words will begin to glow with a soft green color that will make any story feel magical. The ink is easy on the eyes, and the best part is that the glow will never fade!

Let’s take a minute to explore the science behind this. The ink is made with a few different chemicals, including the element phosphorus. The mixture converts light from invisible to visible frequencies, which means that you won’t have to worry about the words wearing out!

Soon, bookstores everywhere will be selling your favorite stories with this all new printing style! Be on the lookout for books with Glo-Ink—you’ll never need to change your old reading flashlight’s batteries again.”

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