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How-To Video: Setting Up A Subdomain

When 2020 started, I had never used Domain of One’s Own before. The first time I started using it, I felt lost. There were so many things that looked confusing, and I had no idea what any of them meant.

Now, in 2021, I am confident in using Domain of One’s Own. Although I might not know every last detail there is to know about it, I can easily set up a subdomain, install WordPress on it, and edit that subdomain.

Since I work at the Digital Knowledge Center on campus, I’ve had practice instructing others on how to create and edit their own subdomains. I’ve created basic videos on how to use other tools as well, and it’s something I enjoy doing.

When I was looking through the video assignments in the ds106 assignment bank, I found the assignment “How to Video”. This is the description:

For this assignment you are to make a tutorial video. It doesn’t have to be anything specific, just any type of “how to” or life hack video. Or, to make things more interesting try making a tutorial video on how to make a tutorial video.

Stars: 2

I thought about a few things I could demonstrate in a video, and then I came up with the idea of going through the process of creating a new subdomain.

Today, I’ll be walking you through creating a new subdomain in Domain of One’s Own and installing WordPress on it.

If you want to view a transcript of the video, click here.

At first, I had considered making a longer video where I walked through the additional steps of how to navigate the WordPress dashboard and edit your subdomain. However, it took me quite a while to get a satisfactory take of the complete first part (which is the full video I posted above). I realized that it would take quite a long time to get through discussing all of the various aspects of editing the new website. After all, the general “Domain of One’s Own / WordPress / UMWBlogs” appointment at the DKC is slotted at half an hour, and those often involve helping a student to set up a subdomain.

Because of how long it would take, I decided to keep it short and sweet. I needed to do schoolwork for other classes, and I needed to give myself time to work on my other videos for this week too.

I used Screencast-O-Matic to record and edit the video. The only editing that really needed to be done was blurring out sensitive information; the Control Panel will display some things like your IP address and your email, and those aren’t things I want circulating out there freely on the internet.

I enjoy making instructional videos, so even though it took a while to record, it was fun to create! It serves a double purpose of teaching someone how to set up a subdomain and helping me to learn the process better myself.

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Hey! I think it is great that you have learned how to maneuver your way through Domain. Your tutorial is great and easy to follow. Good stuff 🙂

Thank you so much! I think it can be difficult to break things down into simple steps when I know something well, so I’m glad you could follow along easily! 🙂

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