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King of Jesters, and Jester of Kings!

When I was much younger, my parents introduced me and my sister to the movie The Court Jester. For me, this 1955 classic was my first medieval/fairytale-themed rom-com movie I ever saw—The Princess Bride is the second one I can think of.

One of the assignments I picked this week from the Design Assignments in the ds106 bank was “Animated The DVD Menu”. I didn’t have a movie in mind at first, but it looked like an interesting assignment. These were the instructions:

Convert a key scene from a movie into an animated GIF and include graphics elements to make it look like the menu screen of a DVD. Be creative in the kind of items that appear on the menu; make it relevant to the plot!

I considered movies I could do this for, and the image below from the assignment with the various items in the list somehow made me think of The Court Jester.

I thought that that would be a very fun movie to make a DVD menu for, so I looked up a few scenes on YouTube and found one that fit.

The video I made the gif from was the scene where Giacomo enters the royal court. I looked through several YouTube videos to find one that seemed appropriate for the DVD menu; I didn’t want a clip that gave away important (or particularly funny) points in the plot, but I wanted one that would show the main character in a way that portrayed him clearly to the audience (not in the middle of action, for example).

I used Imgflip’s gif maker to create the gif and the “items” in the menu. Then, I used Kapwing to add “Main Menu” over the items and “The Court Jester” in the corner. I chose to write the items in a text box in the original gif because I thought it would provide an “older movie” feeling.

To make that square corner title, I cropped this title from the opening of the film:

Additionally, I intentionally picked out the items in the menu. “Lesson in Languages”, “Knighting Ceremony”, and “Where’s the Pellet with the Poison?” are references to events in the film.

Although I had to put a lot of thought into this creation, I would say that this post is an author-centric one. The Court Jester is a movie that I love, and not many people know it. I have only one friend that I know of who has seen it (without me prompting them to watch it!). The comedy and the music is fun, and many lines from the film are inside jokes within my family (for example: “The pellet with the poison is in the vessel with the pestle; the chalice from the palace holds the brew that is true.”). I wouldn’t necessarily call The Court Jester my favorite movie, but it’s one that feels personal to me. It’s a part of my story—and it’s one that I want to share with others.

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