DS106 Assignment Bank Creations

Mix ‘Em Up

This assignment was one of my own creation, because I didn’t see anything quite like this in the ds106 assignment bank. It’s pretty straightforward: mashup two songs that are similar to each other (regardless of if it’s the same artist or if the artists are different).

These are the details of the assignment I created, “Similar Songs”:

Mashup two (or more!) songs that are similar to each other, by either the same or different artist(s). Do your best to show the similarities—edit parts of the songs next to each other. If it’s possible to do this without making it sound terrible, try to overlay the songs at parts to highlight how much they sound alike.

4 stars

Over the course of my life, I’ve found that there a lot of songs out there that sound similar. The ones I picked for this assignment were the two that seemed the most alike out of the songs I could think of: Don’t Bring Me Down by Electric Light Orchestra and Love Runs Out by OneRepublic.

Don’t Bring Me Down / Love Runs Out Mashup

I’ve thought for years that these two have so much in common musically. Lyrically, not so much, but the musical vibes and the rhythms match up quite well.

For this assignment, I used Audacity to mix and match parts. I worked my way through both songs, listening to each one on and off, picking parts to contrast. I knew initially that I wanted to have the instrumental intro for one and then the first verse of the other together. Another part that I very intentionally orchestrated was this transition around 1:24-25:

(starting at 1:18) “Don’t bring me down / no, no, no, no, no” / “whoooo, I’ll be running ’til the love runs out, ’til the love runs out”

The ending is definitely more chaotic than I would’ve liked, but I really wanted to put the endings for both together. I got a kick out of adding the short “crunch” sound from the end of Don’t Bring Me Down right after both songs ended. (That sound is actually a metal fire door being closed in the recording studio.)

I have to say, it was very satisfactory to hear them mixed together. It took about 2 hours to edit, and it was well worth it. I really enjoyed this assignment!

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