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Transitions, Transitions, Transitions!

Try saying that three times quickly!

Today I’ll be exploring various video transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The ds106 Video Assignment “Favorite Transition” has very simple instructions:

Use your editing software of choice to show us your favorite video transition! 

2.5 stars

I decided to use Adobe Premiere Pro, since that’s newest video software that I’ve been learning this semester. It has a bunch of different transitions, so I decided that I’d pick a few that I liked and mash a bunch of clips together. I set a track of myself playing drums as background music and took out any other sound, so that it would be easier to focus on the visuals.

I selected some video clips that I’ve taken for two different assignments from this semester: “Five Essential Parts of My Day in Gifs” and my video for “Hello world! A multimodal introduction”.

The editing process for the video was super quick. Honestly, it’s probably the fastest I’ve ever put together a video.

I had fun picking out the transitions and fitting them in! My favorite transition was the third one, where “TRANSITIONS!” comes in. The transition in question is called Page Turn.

6 replies on “Transitions, Transitions, Transitions!”

This music reminded me of science movies we used to watch in 5th grade about physics or biology. Is it just me? Anyways… good job!

Lol!! Maybe? I was homeschooled, so I didn’t get the same school experience as a lot of other kids. I could see the drums being background music for an elementary school educational video, though. Thanks!

I love your transitions. I’ll be honest, that was the one part I couldn’t figure out on my video editing program. I would have loved to insert some cool transitions like the ones you had.

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