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Collage of My Pets: Sugar, Shadow, and Stormy

I’ve never lived without having pets before; I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Sugar, Shadow, and Stormy all mean so much to me, so when I saw the assignment “Your love for your pet”, I couldn’t help but pick it as one of my assignments for the week.

Here’s the description:

Make a collage out of photos of your pet (or your favorite animal)! Either take past photos or take photos throughout the week that show how cute or how funny they can be! 

Stars: 3

I created this collage of my three pets using Adobe Spark:

Of course, I can’t simply put this collage here without talking about my pets.

Sugar is my family’s Labrador/Border Collie mix. She’s going to be 10 years old on February 22, which is crazy to me that we’ve had her for that long. Her nickname is “The Pie”, as in “Sugar pie”. It might seem a bit odd to people, but my family casually refers to her as “The Pie” or “Pie”, and she’ll respond to it. Even though she’s almost 10, she still has a lot of energy, and she’s playful and loving.

Shadow and Stormy are our two cats. They are siblings; Shadow is the black-and-white girl, and Stormy is the gray-and-white boy. They’re 3 years old, and they’ll be 4 in November. We have lots of nicknames for them as well; Shadow is Shadowgirl and Shadowy. Stormy is Stormtrooper, Stormerman, Shtormy boi, and Stormcloud. Additionally, we refer to Shadow as “the chonk” and Stormy as “the diva”, because Shadow is a bit pudgy and Stormy can often be very dramatic. (Unlike with calling Sugar “Pie”, we don’t actually call them “chonk” or “diva” when we’re talking to them.) When they’re hungry for food, they will often meow together, so we sometimes call them “meowers”—as in “Come on, meowers, let’s go get your food.” Shadow is the more extroverted one, and Stormy is more introverted. However, they both seem to enjoy hanging out around the house near us; Shadow simply likes being touched and picked up more.

I love all of my pets, and they are so important to me. I consider them family members, like many others who think of their own pets the same way. Having these animals in my life is absolutely part of my story. It may not be an aspect of my life that changes a lot, but that in no way decreases my pets’ value to me. I love them, and I love seeing them happy, healthy, and thriving. Talking about my pets one of the easiest ways for me to connect with others. I think all of our pets are parts of our stories in some way or another, and although they are not human, they make such an impact in our lives that we cannot help but share that with each other.

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