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Hello world! A multi-modal introduction

Hello, internet! My name is Audra Young, and I’m introducing myself in the context of Digital Storytelling 106 through various forms of media on this blog post.

This is my face. And the front door to my house 😛
These are my two cats, Stormy (top left) and Shadow (bottom right). They’re brother and sister, and they’re about 3 years old 🙂
This is my dog, Sugar! My family affectionately calls her “The Pie”. She’ll be 10 years old in February.

I realize I can’t truly introduce myself the way I would in person. The internet does have its limits, after all. On the other hand, you, the reader, have already learned more about me than you probably would on your first encounter with me in real life. I’m definitely an extrovert, but I’m not very likely to simply start talking about my thoughts on sharing things freely on the internet or how I didn’t expect to get into digital media academically.

So here’s a few things you’d learn about me if you met me in person:

  • I tend to smile and try to keep a friendly, upbeat tone when talking with people.
  • My hair is almost always up in a ponytail.
  • I speak REALLY fast. (I’m trying to get better at speaking slower and more clearly, but I will almost definitely talk faster if I’m excited about something, lol.)

I’ll conclude this post here. It’s been fun introducing myself through writing as well as various forms of media, and I’m excited for what this class is going to look like going forward.

Keep being awesome! 🙂

– Audra

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