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Monologue of the Erasable Pen

“I would argue that I’m Audra’s most useful pen.

After all, I’m the only pen of hers that can actually erase. Sure, she has a few erasable highlighters, but those almost always sit in the pencil bag and are only used on special occasions. I’m an all day, every day kind of pen, baby!

She uses me for all her to-do’s in her planner, which is a very important task that takes a very special pen. It’s much neater to have pen alongside pen instead of pen alongside pencil, don’t you think?

My day to day life may not be the MOST interesting thing in the world, but at least I’m treated with dignity. I live inside a purple box along with other pens, kept safe and sound. These pens are Pilot pens, so they’re like cousins to me. Same brand, different capabilities. There’s another pen that’s recently come to live in the box too—a white and blue pen with a clicker. It’s definitely inferior to us Pilot pens, but then again, almost any pen is. And I don’t live in the pencil case with that jumble of highlighters, pencils, random pens, and various odds and ends like old sticky notes…I think there’s even the corpse of my predecessor in there.

Audra doesn’t use me for everything, but I’m not surprised; she clearly values me and doesn’t want my ink to run out. While I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon, I am very appreciative of how much she values me. I know she valued the erasable pen that she used before me—before its ink ran out—so I’m proud to be the next in line to serve her and write and erase whatever she needs.”

When I saw “Monologue of a household tool” in the ds106 Writing Assignments, I immediately knew I wanted to do it. This is the description:

Have you ever wondered what your tools around the house are thinking from day to day? Write a short inner monologue or narrative from the perspective of a household tool. It can be a blender, a circular saw, chair…anything you use around the house. Try to keep it vague so your reader has to think about what the tool is. For bonus points, throw in an image or a GIF of that tool’s perspective.

Stars: 4.5

I considered the different tools I could write about, and the phrase “anything you use around the house” brought to mind my erasable pen. I use it everyday, so I decided that I’d write an inner monologue for it.

I didn’t know yet what tone I wanted to take with it, and then the line “I would argue that I’m Audra’s most useful pen” popped into my head while doing Genetics homework. I immediately pulled up the post I’d started for the monologue, and let the words flow. Before now, I wouldn’t have characterized my pen as rather smug and sassy; if anything, it would’ve been calm and meek! I got a kick out of writing about its views of my other pens and in particular, the phrase about the corpse of the pen’s predecessor. In giving a voice to the pen, I had to think about how it would view other pens, not just me. Because of that, the Pilot pens would be its cousins (since Frixion erasable pens are Pilot brand), and other pens would be inferior. This likely stems from the fact that Pilot pens are my favorite type of pen to use!

This post doesn’t relate a ton to the theme of “What’s your story?”, but it was very fun to write and it gives the reader further insight into what I’m like. 🙂

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