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Project Update #1

I’m both excited for and a bit overwhelmed for this entire project. My main element is video, supplemented by audio and visual, as well as web storytelling.

Media Forms

I’ve decided for sure that I’ll be making a series of videos as my primary element. In addition, I’ll be making a poster or slideshow of the media I’ve consumed that has affected my storytelling and creation, and I’ll be reading a letter to the people who have played a significant role in my creative learning.


My plan for the video series is this:

  • Introduction
  • Creative Canon: Media That Has Impacted My Story
  • Learning Experiences
  • The Result of Inspiration: Creative Projects
  • Discussion of Non-Digital Creation
  • Creation + Relationships
  • Making Things in the Present
  • Looking to the Future

Each bullet point will be a video. They don’t have to be very long, but I think each topic is worth exploring. The overall theme of the videos is my personal “creative canon”—that is, what has taught, is teaching, and will teach me about creativity in the future. I’ve recognized that making things is such a big part of my life, and I want to create something that reflects that part of my story.

For the visual design, I’ll be putting together a poster or slideshow of media (excluding music) that has been instrumental in my understanding of stories and how to tell them. I’ll include pictures of each book (or book series), TV show(s), and movie(s). This might be a Prezi presentation, but in general, those don’t feel very satisfying to me, so it probably will be something else.

For the audio, I’m going to read a letter to all of the people who have positively impacted my creative learning. I’m not entirely sure how that’s going to go yet. I was thinking that it would be to this group of people in general, without saying “To this person: here’s what you taught me that I appreciate.” This plan might change, but I really want to incorporate some audio element into this project.

Finally, for the web storytelling…. *drum roll*

I’ll be releasing the next version of Currency & Captivity!

I am seriously excited about this. The “skeleton” of the story structure and scenes will have grown, and there’ll be some more meat on its bones. The story itself is not complete, but it’s come such a long way from its first release, and I really want to unveil this next version. I’m nearly ready to release it to the world!

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