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Three Thrilling Daily Creates

Well, hello! Here’s this week’s Daily Creates that I participated in.

And here are photos of my creations, separate from the Tweets:


I completed these Daily Creates on February 9, 10, and 11.

My favorite of these was the sign creation. I was immediately intrigued. I looked through the icons on the website listed on the Daily Create web page, and quickly came up with the “Are you my mummy?” idea based on the gas mask icon. This is a reference to an episode of Doctor Who 🙂 The second sign I created is definitely the Daily Create I’m most proud of this week. I had seen the phrase “weapons of mass percussion” before with a picture of drums or drumsticks, and I loved the idea of putting it on a caution sign. I looked up drum icons on The Noun Project, a site where you can download free images, and added those to my sign. I also made sure to give credit to the artists who added the icons to The Noun Project.

The KOPPEKUИЯ picture took me a little longer to come up with an idea for. Naturally, I wanted to write a description that would have something to do with tracking, but then I thought about doing something more creative. The globe with the knobs below and next to it reminded me of an interactive globe my sister and I used to play with when we were younger. One of our favorite features was a music button, which played music from different countries that you picked. So, I decided to take that feature and apply it to my description of the KOPPEKUИЯ. I honestly think it would be really fun to have one of those!

The droodle was probably the fastest Daily Create I’ve ever made. I looked up “drawing websites”, clicked on the first one that came up, and drew the droodles. I came up with the designs on the spot.

At this point, I look forward to Daily Creates—although I wouldn’t necessarily say I was intimidated by them before, I have more confidence that I can do them quickly. And they’re really fun, too!

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