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Time for a Photoblitz!

Even better than a football blitz.

Photoblitz is an activity where you take photos of seven things within 20 minutes. This was my list of seven items:

  • Smooth, rough, dirty, or wrinkled. Make a photo of hands that tell a story.
  • They’re all around. Make a photograph of a wheel near you.
  • Make a portrait of someone with catchlights in their eyes.
  • Take a picture that represents wildness.
  • Take a closeup photo of something very shiny. Make it hard to guess what it is.
  • Pink is HOT! Make a photo dominated by something PINK.
  • Sometimes perfection is the enemy. Take a photo that represents a beautiful mess.

And now, the photos, in order:

My roommate’s hand is on the left, mine is on the right. I’m not sure how much of a story they tell, but I’ll get more into that later.
This is one of the wheels of my IKEA cart!
And here’s my beautiful roommate’s eyes 🙂
I feel like I should feel at least slightly embarrassed posting this, and I do, but it’s the closest thing I can think of to “wildness” that I could find in my dorm. Literally the ONLY reason why these are here is because I keep forgetting to put them in the recycling…yes, really. And then of course I remember to do it when I’m right in the middle of a task.
Something shiny, bringing out the inner crow inside of us! Any guesses as to what it is?
This pink enough for you? *sassy look*
Behold! My stuff.
I tend to be a disorganized person, but the natural habitat of this college student is usually somewhat neater. It’s fallen into chaos the past couple weeks given the crazy amounts of schoolwork I’ve been doing.

More on this post coming soon!

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