Posts by Week

Week One: Bootcamp (1/23–29/21)

Hello world! A multi-modal introduction

What’s Your Story? Theme of ds106

Weekly Summary: 1/23–29/21

Week Two: The Story Continues (1/29–2/5/21)

Four of the First Week of February’s Daily Creates

“Oh, THAT’S what it is?”

Rock ‘N Roll ‘N Rush

The Bedroom of My Dreams…

Weekly Summary: 1/29–2/5/21

Week Three: Writing (2/5–12/21)

Three Thrilling Daily Creates

Monologue of the Erasable Pen (4.5 stars)

Move-In Moments (2 stars)

A Jumbled Poem: Words from 2001 (2 stars)

Future Experiences… (2 stars)

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof (3 stars)

Story Analysis (coming soon!)

Weekly Summary: 2/5–12/21

Week Four: Photography (2/12–19/21)

A Dreamy Drive Down the Pacific Coast Highway

Five Essential Parts of My Day in Gifs

A Very Avenger-y Bunch of Post-It Notes

Collage of My Pets: Sugar, Shadow, and Stormy

Reflections on Photography + My Life (Part I)

Time for a Photoblitz!

Two Tasteful Daily Creates

Weekly Summary (2/12–19/21)

Week Five: Audio (2/19–26/21)

ds106 radio bumper! aka: my first Audacity creation

Play the Original, Put Your Own Spin on it

The Story of the Jukebox Hero

Daily Creates of Week Five

Weekly Summary (2/19–26/21)

Week Six: Design (2/26–3/5/21)

Deep Thinking on Design

Dank Memez Outlet

“Weapons of Mass Percussion” T-Shirt

King of Jester, and Jester of Kings!

Encouragement Poster (coming soon!)

Design Blitz

Week 6 Daily Creates

Weekly Summary (2/26–3/5/21)

Week Seven: Radio Show – Part I (3/5–12/21)

Let’s Get This (Radio) Show on the Road!

Glo-Ink: New Technology for Books Everywhere

ds106 radio bumper! (take 2)

Younger Me and Older Me in One Picture?

Daily Creates of Week 7

Weekly Summary (3/5–12/21)

Week Eight: Radio Show – Part II (3/12–19/21

Our Radio Show: “Walking Memory Ave”

Week 8 Daily Creates

Weekly Summary (3/12–19/21)

Week Nine: Reflection (3/19–26/21)

Project Ideas

Radio Show Reflections

Week 9 Daily Creates

Weekly Summary (3/19–26/21)

Week Ten: Video – Part I

How-To Video: Setting Up A Subdomain

Daily Creates of Week 10

Every Hour Vlog: Wednesday, March 31

Weekly Summary (3/26–4/2/21)

Week Eleven: Video – Part II

Transitions, Transitions, Transitions!

Daily Creates of Week 11

Dylan Elise Reaction

Project Ideas – Part 2 (aka the essay post to end all essay posts)

Weekly Summary (4/2–4/9/21)

Week Twelve: Remix/Mashup

Daily Creates of WEEK TWELVE!

30 seconds of… (Part 1): Christian contemporary music

30 seconds of… (Part 2): Christian rock music

30 seconds of… (Part 3): Rock music

Mix ‘Em Up

Weekly Summary (4/9–16/21)

Week Thirteen: Final Project – Part I

Project Update #1

Weekly Summary (4/16–23/21)

Week Fourteen: Final Project – Part II

Final Project

Personal Creative Canon Video Series

Media Slideshow

Weekly Summary (4/23–30/21)


These are posts written and published after I took the DS106 course.

Post-ds106 (posted 11/8/21)

Web Storytelling: Currency & Captivity – Version 2 (posted 11/8/21)