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Let’s Get This (Radio) Show on the Road!

Yesterday, I met with my radio show group to kickstart our project! Our team is myself, Ari, Meghan, Conner, and Morgan. The general theme we picked was childhood & our college experiences.

It was great meeting with them—since this class is online and asynchronous, I’ve barely met anyone over Zoom or any other meeting software, let alone in real life! I had met Meghan before, since she had a DKC appointment with me a few weeks ago, and then we happened to be at the same bible study earlier this week. However, for the most part, my interaction with other classmates has been online on our blogs and Twitter.

We decided on our overall approach. The idea for the radio show is to have two parts: discussing our childhoods (fun or interesting childhood stories) and then discussing our college experiences (ups and downs and how they relate to our childhood stories [if applicable]).

Our plan is to each create a radio bumper, radio commercial, and individual poster. Then, we’ll put the individual posters together to create a full poster with six blocks—one for each of us plus a block with basic information about the show.

For the individual posters, we’ll be creating squares based off of the ds106 Visual Assignment “Then-Now-Together”, in which you have to add a current/recent photo of yourself to a picture from your childhood with you in it.

I think that the more we delve into this, the more direction we’ll have; we’re all excited to get going on the project!

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