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This past week, the ds106 class presented our radio shows live on the ds106 radio! I had the opportunity to listen on Wednesday night, and I heard and live-tweeted three shows: A Day in a Pandemic, Walking Memory Ave (my group’s show), and Messy March.

Here’s my thoughts.

The first thing I noticed when I tuned into the ds106 radio to listen to “A Day in a Pandemic” was the conversational style. “Walking Memory Ave” was recorded in segments, so each of us talked for about five minutes, with commercials and bumpers interspersed throughout.

The students’ conversation kept my attention, and I listened as they discussed life as a student during the COVID-19 pandemic. I found myself nodding along, and I liked their use of sound effects to highlight different aspects of the pandemic. For example, the sounds of a grocery store checkout played over the discussion of the panic over toilet paper.

Next, my group’s show “Walking Memory Ave” aired. I was prepared to cringe at myself, not only because it’s weird hearing my own voice, but also because I felt like my segment was the most different than everyone else’s (although overall we had the same theme, and it worked well). I actually enjoyed listening to it, and it was fun seeing others’ reactions to our show in real time. I knew which parts were coming up when, and I anticipated the responses from people on Twitter.

Finally, “Messy March” was the last show I live-tweeted. I didn’t really expect it to be about drama in pop culture during the month of March (either the present or past). I’m aware of some things in pop culture; I’d characterize my position as “distantly curious”. It’s not something I regularly check up on or am involved in, but every once in a while, my curiosity will drive me to do a quick Google search. So, it was interesting hearing details about either events or people I vaguely knew of.

You can read all my live tweets from the shows on my Twitter account!

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