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Younger Me and Older Me in One Picture?

It’s more likely than you think. (And no, it’s not time travel!)

I harnessed the powers of Adobe Photoshop in order to create my radio show promo for this week.

Here’s the final product!

I didn’t expect this to be quite as fun an assignment as I thought, but I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed it! For our radio show, my team decided that we’d create individual posters of ourselves based off of the ds106 assignment “Then-Now-Together”. These were the instructions from the assignment:

Edit a childhood photo of yourself to include a more recent photo of you in a pose that makes it look like you were part of the original scene. Pay attention to matching pose, detail, shadows, and color values to match the original. You can go back to your past, at least in your own edited photo!

We changed the criteria for our posters, however: we decided that we would each pick our own favorite color for the background for each of our posters (which would be square). Our names would be at the top, and then the photos would be below. The overall plan is to make a poster including each of our squares + a square with basic information about our radio show.

It took me a while to find pictures of myself that I thought were suitable. I wanted both pictures to include my entire body, and I wanted my younger self to be no older than 5 at the most. Additionally, although I didn’t think about this as much, I didn’t want to have pictures of me that were older than 3 years old (for the recent or “current” photo). The “older me” photo was from 2019.

I then picked my background color (pink, which was my favorite color throughout my childhood and still stands as my favorite today). After masking each subject and using the brush to get all the details, I scaled and moved each version of myself so that we were sitting next to each other. Then, I added a text box with my name, and went through the fonts until I found one that looked different from the general Times New Roman or Arial. Finally, I took the color from my shirt. It seemed fitting, and it wasn’t quite as stark as plain white or black would have been.

I’m very pleased with the results! I’m looking forward to putting all of our posters together.

4 replies on “Younger Me and Older Me in One Picture?”

I think you did a really good job with this assignment! It looks so real as you are looking down at your younger self, pretty cool. I think it is a great idea to put all of your posters together for your radio show!

Thanks so much! It’s cool to hear that it looks real πŸ™‚ I’ll be creating another radio show post soon with the full poster included!

Awwww thank you so so much! πŸ™‚ I’m so excited for your radio show tooβ€”I haven’t been commenting as much as I should, but I have read some of your posts and your show sounds super exciting!

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