Transcript for “Domain of One’s Own Tutorial: Create a Subdomain + Install WordPress” video

Hello, my name is Audra, and today I’ll be showing you how to set up a subdomain and how to install WordPress on it. Once you’ve logged in to UMW Domains, this page should show up, and it’s called the CPanel (or Control Panel). This is where you can manage your domain and subdomains. So to create a new subdomain, let’s go down here to “Subdomains”. So, a subdomain is a subsection of your website that can exist as a new website. So, let’s create a new one. Let’s just do “example subdomain”… All right, here we go. Create. Awesome, it’s been created. And now we can see it’s in my list of subdomains right here. So now, let’s go back to the Control Panel. So up here, we have the subdomains that have WordPress or another content management system installed on them. So, now we need to install WordPress on the new subdomain. Installatron lets you do this, so you’ll click on “Install application”. And now you can select the location where you want WordPress to be installed. So let’s click on “example subdomain”, and it has to have the “s” on the end to make it secure. And if we delete this directory, then this is how it will show up as the URL, or the web page link. So now we can scroll down, all this stuff is fine, we don’t need to edit any of it or change it. And let’s click “Install”. It’ll say that it’s processing… And then as we go down here, we’ll find it says “My blog”. That’s like the generic title that WordPress will give your new subdomain that it’s installed on, and then we can edit it later, once it’s installed. All right, it’s complete!