Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary (1/23–29/21)

Week One: 1/23-29/21

This week’s posts:
– Hello world! A multi-modal introduction
– What’s Your Story? Theme of ds106

Week One: 1/23-29/21

Links to this week’s posts:

“Hello world! A multi-modal introduction”

“What’s Your Story? Theme of ds106”

The easiest part of the assignments this week was setting up my accounts. I already had my UMW domain (thanks to working at the Digital Knowledge Center!), Google/YouTube, and Twitter accounts set up, so it was easy to set up my Soundcloud and Flickr accounts, as well as this subdomain. I have a personal Instagram account, but I decided to keep that one private. I hadn’t used Flickr before, so I thought it would be good to try it.

Here’s some media that I added to my Twitter, Soundcloud, and Flickr accounts:


I knew from the start that the hardest/most annoying part of the assignments would be creating my YouTube intro. I don’t have a phone stand/mount that is easy to set up and record, so that was half the issue. The other half was that I had to do multiple takes (which I already guessed would be the case). I’ve discovered that I’m also pretty self-conscious about other people hearing me record myself. It took me a few takes, but I finally got one that I liked.

Towards the beginning of the week, I gave myself the luxury of picking out a design for my WordPress site. It was fun experimenting with the various themes 🙂 I also enjoyed organizing my widgets and pages, adding categories and tags, and selecting colors for the website. This, aside from writing my posts, was the most fun part of the assignments.

My introduction post didn’t take too long to write. For the main text of the post (under all my media), I considered how different it would be if I could meet everyone in real life who read my post. I had been reading other people’s posts and thought that it would be cool to meet them in person. We’ve been sharing a bit of background information and our likes and dislikes, but that doesn’t tell me what things I’d observe about another person in real life. That gave me the inspiration to describe how I come off to others (based on what I think of myself and what friends have told me).

My post about our theme, “What is your story?” took a considerably longer time. I mused over it for the first few days and then began writing. At first, my thoughts were all jumbled, and it took some time to sort them out. Each of the paragraphs in the Week One Assignments sparked new ideas. At first, I planned on writing a lot about my passions. Then, as I read over the instructions again, it made more sense to me to write more about the theme as a whole and not my specific interests.

Overall, I feel like this week went well. I figured that it would be an experiment of sorts to balance this class with my others, and I succeeded. Although I spread out my work over the whole week, I think I could have done all of the assignments in one day if I really wanted to. I expect that it won’t stay that way in the future. I’ve said this a couple times in my other posts, but it still holds true: I’m excited to dive into this course and explore our theme. 🙂

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