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Weekly Summary (2/19–26/21)

Week Five


The Story of the Jukebox Hero

Daily Creates of Week Five

Time for a shot of honesty here: It’s been really hard keeping up.

I hate admitting it, because (another truthful fact) ds106 is my favorite class. It’s the class I have the most fun in, and it’s the one that excites me the most. It’s the one I enjoy the most overall. So I find it extraordinarily frustrating when I can’t spend the time on it that I want (and need) to.

I’ve got a few more audio creations on the way, and I’m really, really hoping to get them up this weekend.

My desire is to get better at managing my time so I can keep up better, because it’s not only that I want to get everything in so I can get a good grade—I genuinely really like what I’m doing here.

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