Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary (2/26–3/5/21)

Week 6: 2/26–3/5/21

Links to this week’s posts:

Week 6 Daily Creates

Deep Thinking on Design

Dank Memez Outlet

“Weapons of Mass Percussion” T-Shirt

King of Jesters, and Jester of Kings!

Encouragement Poster

Design Blitz

This week, I felt much more successful than the previous week in completing work on time. Part of that was a lighter workload in other classes, but I also think that I was able to manage my time better this week. I caught up on a couple of assignments for the previous week, and I’m continuing to work on completing last week’s work.

My favorite post was “Deep Thinking on Design”; as I discuss in that post, I really loved “The Vignelli Canon” reading. It put words to many things I’d thought about before when it came to design, and it definitely affected how I will consider design going forward.

I’m excited for the next two weeks of working on the radio show project!

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