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Weekly Summary – 4/9–16/21

This week’s posts:
– Mix ‘Em Up
– 30 seconds of… Parts 1, 2, and 3
– Daily Creates of Week Twelve

Week Twelve (4/9–16/21)

Links to this week’s posts:

Mix ‘Em Up (4 stars)

30 seconds of… (Part 1): Christian contemporary music (3.5 stars)

30 seconds of… (Part 2): Christian rock music (3.5 stars)

30 seconds of… (Part 3): Rock music (3.5 stars)

Daily Creates of WEEK TWELVE!

I didn’t necessarily think at the beginning of the week that I’d be doing all audio remixes/mashups, but here we are!

It was really fun doing more audio editing. I remember being surprised during Week 5, which was our audio focus week, that I enjoyed working with audio so much. I also discovered that it was time consuming, so this time, I was much more prepared.

I did consider doing video assignments, but I recognized that I’d want to do them really, really well. I am most certainly a perfectionist, and that can prevent me from getting things done on time. So, I figured that going with audio would be a safer bet just because of that. I already had ideas as I was looking through the assignment bank, and I decided to go with all audio.

The next two weeks are for my final project, and I’m both excited and nervous for this. I want to do it well, and I want to (of course) get it done on time. I’ll be writing another post soon about my thoughts on it!

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